Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wevent 5th Anniversary Party

I had missed last year's party:
so this year I made it a point to go for this year's party, having enjoyed the 3rd anniversary party tremendously. 

Held at Armada Hotel which was a nightmarish drive to get to, given the time (early evening the stuff of rush hour madness), and perpetual roadworks, and the bewildering decision of authorities to compound everything by making the road to Armada a permanent one way!!!!!! 

So here I am, all togged up in red, 
but when I saw how all the other girls were dressed...hahaha!!!I felt so under dressed! It was so nice of them to really get into the red mood with red feathers, red boots, red lace hats. red top hats, even devil's ears and tails.....
Choy in her get up...I do not know how to describe her hat..mohawk I think
see what I mean?
 Party had started, so I zeroed in on the start off I went for the mains and savouries...I was so famished after the long drive!
 Seafood clam pie in creamy yummy

 bergedil? I think, or meat patties
prawn cultets
Niki, the emcee for tonight started us on some ice breaker, but after learning the girls' names, I snuck off for some more grub!  The pastries were my target next..and what an array!

 Assorted french pastries

 olive pickles, capers, crunchy carrot and zuchini sticks with salsa? dip and nachos

Winnie the prize-winning owner of A Cut Above who is the patron of wevents gave an inspiring speech "from her heart" note the absence of any paper, and I do admire her skill at giving impromptu speech with ease and showing a good command of language.

  Wow!!! A pole dancing performance by dancers from Viva Vertical Studio was next!!!

My own daughter does pole dancing too but I do not get to see her live as she is not here, and seeing these girls "poleing with ease" was just marvelous!
The second girl who did a lively number, the previous one put on  a slow sensuous show.

The president of the Desmodonna Club, Kiki on her Ducati, 

no lah, at the podium was next, sharing with us her (and her

 members') passion for Ducatis and bike riding.
 "So what's new for WEVents 5th anniversary? 1st time ever, we will be having a pole dancing performance, sharing by the president of an all-women biker club and a special appearance by a bachelor."...(from the facebook....)

The president of Desdemona (an all girl Ducati straddling 

group) may look demure and tudung clad

but look at her below......WOW!!! hahaha!
Read the write up on this girl biker rockers below:

Women-only coaches, women-only gym, WEVents as a women-only social event. And now, we also have a women-only bikers club. These ladies are gutsy.

The female bikers of Desmodonna revel in the exhilaration of riding their machines.

Coco Ice cream served in a coconut shell
To get more dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth, I went out for Nutty Coco Icecream, which also gave us vouchers for our goodie bag.  I won two more in a lucky draw.
Next ,10 best dressed girls were chosen for a line up parade...
Gosh! I do lust after Jacinta's lace netted booties!

This is the first prize winner!
And.. this is what The RED QUEEN (winner of the most creatively attired lady in our WEVents 5th Anniversary: RED event) will be getting. Will it be you? Are you our RED QUEEN?
1. Red’s Revenge Little Red Box worth RM149.90 and a Statement Necklace X 1 worth RM49.90
2. Posh! Nail Spa Manicure & Pedicure Session worth RM231
3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Little Round Pot Blush, Rouge Edition Aqua Laque worth RM147

After choosing the winners of the best dressed the event was over but fellowship continues (to borrow a line from rotary haha)
Others took the opportunity for photo taking:
Niki, the mc, with Winnie and the brave bachelor in our party.
Me with June, a nurse who has a blog :
choy peng, who blogs a lot for Wevents..
we had fun!! as always!

"So what will attendees of WEVents 5th anniversary get in their goody bags? Items worth a total of RM373 from Red's Revenge, Posh! Nail Spa, Garden of Eden, Spa Ceylon, Opera, Worthy Book, Nutty Coco, Mentholatum AND... a Bourjois lipstick and a La Senza Panty"
 Red Revenge
La Senza!

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