Monday, August 17, 2015

Lunch for 6 (16 August 2015)

Relatives were in town so we joined them for lunch today at a nice restaurant

 The Singapore relatives, an architect Goh and his wife from Singapore with Fifth Aunt at the back on the way to Lunch

 We went to this second time here
 We had lunch for 6 but not this
 We chose this: RM298
 5th aunt and Jennie
 Golden Brown Minced Garlic Prawns, very dry but crunchy and I could chew the fave part! had lots of crunchy bits of garlic and spicy chips (for want of a better word)
 signature dish (jiew pai choy) Seafood fish fillet pot
 comes with soup and kept hot with a burner underneath
 ma poh tofu...tofu swimming in spicy szechuan sauce I think
 quite an ordinary dish and I do not think it does justice to the pricey menu
 Steamed Australian garlic scallop...exactly 6 for the 6 of us, but 5th aunt passed hers because of seafood allergy
 our party of Lunch for 6

 back home...what are they looking at?

  That's me, Fifth aunt said. 
That's my mum. Goh said. 
 Fifth Aunt and Goh's mother are/were sisters. 

Hahaha!!! this is the photo! 
Such an ancient antiquity, don't you think!!!

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