Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 Last week I flew to Manila with some friends for the Induction Ceremony  of new officers and was held at an aerospace Museum!!! such an awesome venue! 
              Aerospace Museum Villamor Air Base Pasay City.

 Just look at the fantastic gridlock of cars leading in and out of the airport and museum vicinity!! Everybody took a long time to arrive at the venue.

The spacious hall where the event was held and the words "world class induction night" was beamed from the monitor. A lot of guests still have not arrived. 
Tess, Sim, Erin Kim at the registration table.
This is a nice group pic of Malaysians and Filipinos
Food was served right at the start of the event and done with for the ceremony proper to begin
 Singing of the national anthem, of both countries.
 Good candid shot of the Malaysians!

         Oath taking by President with his family members and his directors
Solemn and serious moment of oath taking
 Fellow members

 Nice and artistic pic of my friend!

 Line up of office bearers
 Our own president giving his message
 President's wife and son
 So glad I attended, it was an eye opener and not a dull moment was had
our three Malaysia members having a good time!!
These are the highlights of some of the significant moments..

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