Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pn Zaton's Retirement

This is my ex-colleague

She is retiring after 36 years and 5 months of service

So when I recieved an invitation to attend her retirement ceremony, I quickly decided to go as it will mean a chance to go to my old school again!

 This is her programme and mine as a flashback,,,,in 2013 when I became the first to retire from that school!!!

 So I met my old friends!!!
 They are so cute! Fauzirah, Sharifah, Haslina and a photobomb in the background
 New HM gives a speech extolling the virtues of the retiree

 Then she sits on the "throne" , the chair that we all get to sit when we retire..hahaha!

 This is how the hall is decorated....

by Saibah and her artistic team....well done!

 Pn Zaton gives her speech and tells the story of the time police were looking for her when she reported for work in KL but forgot to tell her family

 Presents giving time....

 Photo session with Pn Zaton, Pn Jamaliah the former headmistress who took the trouble to come very early specially for the ceremony, Pn Sharifah and Pn Rohaya

 the farewell hugs for and from all the teachers
and students 

 Her entourage is ready to send her off
Her send off car..
It belongs to a tuition teacher and the owner of PTR Tuition centre, none other than Mr Roy  who also teaches my daughter Add-Maths tuition every Saturday in Taman Maluri!

 Pn Zaton happy and resplendent in the luxury car!
 Mr Roy personally drives her!

 The car sped away before I could take more pictures!!! Below see some pictures taken by Miss Teo

 I am in some of the photos!!!
I could only manage to take the back view of the car!
 this is Miss Teo

 Another beautiful car follows the procession

Everyone gazes with admiration!
 Farewell, Pn Zaton, enjoy your retirement!

 This is another teacher with Pn Zaton's bouquet...hehehe she looks beautiful, right?

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