Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ko Samui 5th day: Travelling to SuratThani

Our 5th day was spent travelling to Surat Thani where we are going to stay the night.
We do not want to risk missing the plane from Surat Thani the next day.
After breakfast and lunch at Koh Samui, we boarded a bus to the ferry.

 We are now waiting for the ferry at the air conditioned "coffee corner"
The ferry is hourly and we were early. 
 A walk outside showed the direction to "coffee corner" and the covered walkway to the ferry.
 Everything was orderly and not as crowded as the first night when we reached Surat Thani so late, but this was a different ferry terminal. This is the Seatran ferry.

 Carol had 9 Seatran cards for entry to the ferry.

 Very soon, the ferry arrived and people got off.

 Then we were allowed to embark.
 We were so afraid we had to carry our baggage up steps, like the first night, but luckily there were seats right on the floor level to the ground, so we just pushed our trolleys in and started looking for seats.
 See? Lots of empty seats and ample room for out baggage beside us, no need to put them on top or 
near the rudder. There was even a VIP section and a monk entered it by swiping his card!! Sau says he wants to be a monk in his next life.

Hahaha!! It was so comfortable David could snooze away while keeping tabs on the baggage!
There was  a snack and convenience store on board and the kids stocked up on junk food....but even before they got off, they ate up the whole stock! hehe
 She is so amused the 3 of them can polish off so much chips and crackers..they were like "hmmm, which packet shall we open now?"

 Goodbye...Koh Samui!!!
 After we touched land, the tuk tuk was waiting for us!!! One tuk tuk for 9 of us including our baggage...for 550 baht!
 she could not believe all of us could pack in!
 But we did! Sau is overseeing the placement of baggages.
 Let's hop on and hold on for dear life!!!

 See???? We had to hold the luggage on our laps, some were on the roof, some afoot!
 We also had to hold on or we would be knocked off at every bend and bump!
 My vantage view from my seat, which was rather open air.
 We reached the hotel before we knew it, simply because the hotel has no facade, it was by the road and the sign was no where to be seen! The tuk tuk man said. : "we're here," and we were like "huh? where is the hotel?"
 I had to get off to make sure it was Sabye D, the hotel that I had booked online!!!

Wow!!! nice comfortable rooms for RM58 per night!
 Such value for money!!

 This room had balcony and costs RM78!

 I saw David taking photos of his cute balcony room, and I was relieved, which meant that he liked the slightly more expensive room that I had allocated to him. 

 The hotel had a cute massage pavillion, but we did not have time for one.

 The kids saw a fish feeding pond with self service fish food and they wasted no time.
 It takes so little to keep them occupied, life is simple that way to kids.
 Then they walked around, as it was still too early to go out for dinner.
 Some rooms had lofts, so if you have small children you can book these type of rooms.

 It is now evening, and we came out for light snack as we saw two inhouse stalls right in front of the hotel. 

 A wonton mee stall and a fried chicken stall and we tried both, Bee is walking to the stalls, the children are already placing their orders.
 Yummy fried chicken, chicken balls and chicken cakes!
 So cheap too! 
 We also had wonton mee soup and dried wonton mee!
Just sit here and enjoy our food!!! Next we will be going to the night market for more food, heheheh!!

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