Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ko Samui 4th day: Snorkelling at Koh Tao

Today we are going to Koh Tao Island, a full day trip and will be back late evening.

After a long bus ride, we reached this beautiful jetty.

 After registering our names and paying up the rest of the fees, Carol gave us our tickets.
 We will be taking a speedboat this time to Koh Tao

 As usual, breakfast was included.
 Power breakfast!!! biscuits, bananas, three in one drinks and energy bars

 we had lots of bananas for energy!! She is wearing a transparent dress her sister brought back over her swimsuit
 Very funny sign..."No weapons allowed"!!! next to a "Let's go Full Moon Party " banner.
 speedboats are here, and we are ready to go!!

 These two boys are adept at swimming and can snorkel like pros at this young age!
 Carol and David all set to go!

 Soon we have reached and we have to transfer to another smaller boat!

  This is the smaller boat

 Now we are at Koh Tao

 A short walk on the jetty with huge rocks will bring us to the beautiful island

 See how beautiful the beach is?

First we had to find some deck chairs to dump our stuff and those snorkellers in us could go out to sea.
David and me who do not swim or snorkel, would have to stay back to look after the things.
Me? I took photos of my sis and the snorkellers.

 This is the snorkelling site, very clear waters, and secluded spot for all activities

 Bee and Sau are happy because this is the first time they have snorkelling photos!
 Lots of bare bodies and all manners of swimsuits and cover up fashion!

 Lunch was on the beach, and there was ample seating places all around, under the shade and by the sea too.

 People still coming in for the food, but there was enough to go round
 Such a nice setting for lunch!

After lunch, we left by speedboat again and stopped at the place below:
 another snorkelling spot!
 We had to get off the boat like this..
 Err, not me, I'll sty behind to take photos...

 Sau. so happy to pose for photos, because on all his snorkelling trips, everyone will be jumping off, not taking photos!

How I envy these water babies!

Then Bee and Sau went off together, hand in hand, because Bee is a bit scared of the water.
 These two are the babes I told you about, they are a natural in the water, they just follow their dad
So at home in the water!
Back to the mainland.....Ely was so exhausted she was out with the light!

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