Sunday, January 31, 2016

River View Restaurant Kuala Selangor

Before our boat ride to see the fireflies, we had a yummilicious dinner at River View Seafood Restaurant.
This is not to be confused with another RiverView restaurant in Kuala Lumpur: 

 There were many restaurants such as this jetty one but somehow we chose Riverview because of this?:----
 The gigantic crab replica at the front of the shop?

 If we had been here earlier, we could have gone for "Eagle Feeding" and  visit the "100 year old fishing village" but nevermind, at least we were going for the "Fireflies" after dinner.

 100 year old fishing village
 This is the menu, with a gigantic picture of cooked crabs and a plate of mantou.
 What we ordered:Mixed vegetables with salted egg

 mantou of chinese bread
 crabs with salted egg gravy

 Butter prawns

 La la soup 

 salted egg yolk crabs

 crsipy baby octopus

 golden aroma crab

 or chien omelette: we did not like this as we are used to the wet, slimy and gooey starch version
 Tripod photo with timer.

 It was still early, and we waited for the sun to set to take another picture...later.

 so nice having dinner at the jetty with the sunset as a backdrop!
 As we were eating, we say boat loads of passengers being ferried to Jetty restaurant for dinner. It must have been part of a Firefly tour with dinner provided. Nice!!!

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