Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ko Samui 6th Day : Surat Thani Night market

After our appetiser of wantan mee soup and fried chicken snacks from the two stalls outside the Sabye D Hotel, we went out walking to the Surat Thani Night Market
Surat Thani , Thailand
Th Ton Pho

 There was a bridge and we walked over it, then we went below where there was an underpass

 From the bridge we could see a nice restaurant and we marked that out as our breakfast or lunch spot tomorrow.

 Very soon, we reached the bustling night market located by the river.

"A fantastic smorgasbord of food including masses of melt-in-your-mouth marinated meats on sticks, fresh fruit juices, noodle dishes and desserts. It's not that big so it's easy to browse the stalls before making a selection."
 from Lonely Planet

 The first thing that greeted us was this stall selling thin crepes with lots of stuffing inside, and of course we bought some!
 Lots of locals and tourists thronging the market
 We saw Pad Thai!! Only 30 baht
 ??? I don't know what is this! hahaha!
 The 2 girls saw lots of squeezies..or squishes or what you call it again?
 looks like economy rice dishes to me
 the most spicy long beans on a good!!!
 grubs, err insects and bugs as muncy snacks, anyone?
 more munchies
 looks like Malaysian nyonya kuih

 We walked on, because there was so much stuff, we needed to find the best things to eat for our dinner!
 but it was hard not to be distracted by colourful treats like these!
 hmm, munch munch first...
 ice lollies

 Then, we found a place to sit and we bought food to be shared here!

After eating, we continued our food and culinary walk

 what? looks like some torture contraption!

 then I found this Teochew porridge stall with lots of "side dishes" for the porridge

 thick creamy porridge with kiam chye soup

 Me at the entrance to the night market! Don't fret if you think there is nothing to do in Surat Thani! Besides this nightmarket which we went because we had kids in tow, I believe there is abundant "nightlife" in Surat Thani as well!
Picture of nightlife in surat Thani, taken from the net.
 back to the squishies, the girls went to check it out and each bought one

 "I wish I could buy them all" Ely seems to be saying
 Meanwhile something has caught Sau's attention

 the fattest and juicies looking chicken for chicken rice, unfortunately, we already had our fill of food!
 live prawns as pets

 the tiniest ondeh ondeh which got Carol all excited
 so she bought some for breakfast and videotaped the grandma making them.
Finally we got back to our hotel, by tuk tuk! 

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