Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ko Samui 3rd Day City Tour, Hin Yai and Hin Ta Rocks, Mummified Monk, Lamai Night Market.

Today is our 3rd day in Ko Samui and we had planned for a spa retreat in the morning and a city tour in the afternoon, using the same van person we had booked on the night of 2nd January while on the bus.  However, the spa package was too expensive and we had already done foot massage the night before so it was cancelled. 

So we walked out for breakfast, the three of us, Bee, Sau and me
 Sau had his favourite coconut santan soup (almost every meal he ordered this!), here he scooped some in smaller bowls for us to share
and of course Pad Thai!
We went back to Marina Villa and I saw the kids enjoying the pool 
 made the most of the resort and took lots of photos
 I took the kids for lunch at the hotel beachside restaurant while the parents went for morning spa at Lamai
limited choices so we had the usual Thai fare
right by the restaurant there was this shed with in house Thai massage

look at the intense session of Thai massage! at only 350 baht an hour, full body! of course there was mani and pedi too...
Carol came back from her spa and look at the lovely pool view! there are 2 pools, one facing the sea
 Then we are off four our city tour, and first stop is grandfather and grandmother roc (Hin Yai and Hin Ta) but first, we needed to have famous Thai coconut ice cream!!!
most delicious coconut ice cream!!!
hahaha.....grandfather rock!

and...teng teng teng......Grandmother rock!

 Ryan with his grandmother...hehehe

 kids on the rocks

 Na Muang Waterfall
 Wat Khunaram which houses the shrine of the Mummified Monk Luong Prodaeng
he died in 1973 in a seated meditative pose, and in case you are wondering, the sunglasses covers his empty eye sockets!
Short skirts and hot pants are still allowed in this temple.
 Next, the ride to the Wharf was so long, everyone fell asleep
 The Wharf Samui is a clean, trendy night market for tourists
 you can get all sorts of knick knacks
 and the girls got some bangles and chokers for themselves
 and as souvenirs for friends back home

such a pleasant stroll as it was already evening
 next we went to the Wat Phra Yai with a giant 12m tall golden statue of Buddha
 atop a small rocky island that can be seen after climbing 62 steps!!!
It is the first landmark visitors see when arriving in Koh Samui by air.
We did not climb the 62 steps, we gave the excuse that our dressing was inappropriate!
 Then we went back to Lamai, and tonight we had pasar malam food!!! We waited a long time for this seat!

 We had food off the streets and shared it amongst ourselves like the grilled fish above
 and satay with lots of salad
 then walked around for more food and action! 
 This says "famous for steaks and ribs"

but there were live dancing with scantily clad girls gyrating round poles on table tops!!!
and Ryan got cornered by a ladyboy!!!
We regretted we did not get to see their cabaret show!!!
While Bee and Sau wondered off on their own, and Ryan had roadside pint with his parents, I took the girls for roadside shopping for more baggy elephant pants!
Yeeha! says Ely with the selfie stick as, at 16 she is the tallest and had the longest arms!! C ya tomorrow!

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