Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ko Samui: Last Day....Flying Home

On 7th January 2016 we will be flying home at 5 oclock and we have the whole morning to spend in surat thani at leisure.  We had booked the tuk tuk to take us around town, but we cancelled that because the floating market was not opened that day. So, we decided to go for breakfast at the morning market then come back to meet Bee and Sau for lunch as they had bought a lot 
of food for their breakfast the previous night.

 Carol all ready to go the the market.
 The same bridge again.
 Man on bike ready for the day's work

 This morning the kids have more time to explore the scenery off the bridge

 then we did lots of walking and the day was scorchingly hot!!
 After much walking looking for a nice breakfast place (none in sight) we were so tired and was happy to see this shed offering noodle soup

 So we joined the rickety l'il shop and plonked ourselves on their tiny wooden tables and chairs

 cute cola bottles and condiments on the table
 looking out the window, we were surprised to see men fishing in the early morning heat!
 David saw this green balls in the plastic container and used toothpicks to try them
 good!!! sweet and chewy!

 Out noodle soup arrived!  with fish balls and bean curds and pork slices!
 free ice water in tin cups,...they always offer you this, everywhere, in the night markets too! If you do not have a strong stomach, refrain, but I guzzled the ice water oblivious to whether it was harbouring bacteria or not!!

 I took selfie of all of us having the noodles at this rickety shop by the river with men fishing nearby

 then we reached the morning market where there was even more stalls offering noodles!

 The morning market, as usual, was full of women selling all manners of food

 skinny chicken compared to the fat chicken last night!!! hahaha!
 the children found  a stationery shop and lost no time in browsing around,...and what do you know, a Thai version of the adult colouring book "Secret Garden" was available, in Thai, of course.

 We could have had lunch here, but we got back to join Bee and Sau for lunch, which we need not have bothered, because they had gone our to look for their own lunch.  Maybe it was a case of miscommunication.

 This is a photo of the tut tut driver who was supposed to take us back to the hotel, but she took us on a wild goose ride, again due to the fact that she could not speak English!
 In the tuk tuk, we were going around in circles, and taking forever to reach our hotel!
 So I took photos of Laeti's trinkets that she bought at The Wharf shopping street
 All of us looking grim and wondering when the tuk tuk driver will reach the hotel!

 Do you think she is taking us to the airport now???? Laeti says!
 At last we reached Sabye D!! Bee and Sau has gone out and nothing left for us to do but to hang out till 2 when the other tuk tuk will take us to the airport!

 Bye! We are now all packed and ready to leave Sabye D!

 Last few pictures of the hotel

 Outside the balcony of her room

 Saying good bye to the puppies
 Last pad thai at surat thani airport
 The airport is so tiny, you even have to walk up to the plane!
But that provided photo opportunity!
And that was the end of our wonderful holiday!!!
Naaaahhhhh, I don't want my holiday to end! 
Exactly, my sentiments too, Ely!
It was so fun holidaying with you and the kids, I want my next holiday to be with you all too!!!

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