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My retirement ceremony 25 October 2013

My retirement ceremony was held on 25th October 2013 although my last day is on 15th November which is also the last day of school. This day was chosen as the Form 6 students would still be around to perform for me and the teachers would not have gone for their invigilation yet.

It started with lunch with the headmistress at the catering room.

Nasi Beriani with ayam masak merah, the specialty of the canteen

Then we went to the foyer to wait for the procession to begin.
The cue to start will be given by Pn Nor Alia, the one who orchestrated the whole thing

I have bunga manggar for the procession!
Smiling teachers waiting to start!

Another view of us at the foyer
(funny why this platform is so called!
makes it sound like a hotel or something)

My sweet lower 6 girls who will be bearing the bunga mangga and little umbrellas.
Nur Ateqah, Sufina, Hanny, Qamarina, Shahirah, and Aishah

See, bunga manggar 
(used for weddings and VIPS)
Now! The procession is starting....

This is the first time I am walking in the middle, with the HM and the the PK 1 flanking me....

I feel so like a VIP with the HM leading the procession

HM had to keep telling me, 
"you walk in front, you walk in the centre
you are the star!!!!" 
she had to cue me in!

This is my son taking memories for posterity.
He took the all the moments from start to finish...
Shahirah says the umbrella is for me, 
but she seems to be shading herself, hehe!

I am walking towards my VIP chair
I always sit here with the teachers when there is an event going on.
Now I am the star of the event, and the teachers are seated here.
Wait a minute,
 there's Brandon,
and hubby dearest!!!

The committee is hard at work working on the script, the back room boys.

My Upper six getting ready for the first performance
I love this picture
This is the first time I am sitting at this place,
the VIP seat,
 with HM and Pn Rathi on both sides of me...

My girls the usherettes pass us the programme for the day

I am on the cover of the programme!
They have chosen this young picture of me..
a Christian Dior makeover picture...
which was heavily photoshopped!
The programme starts with the customary Silat show
performed by the Form 5 boys

Silat is the Malay traditional art of self defence
and is performed at weddings and formal occasions
This is followed by a series of speeches
Speech by student representative
Nur Atiqah Farid
the assisstant head prefect
Speech by Pn Jordhana
Chairperson of Staff Club (KKGS)

Speech by Head mistress
she gave me a glowing tribute!

my speech
partly in English and Malay
so that I could engage the students' attention
Next up, performance by the Upper six

they are filing into the open stage
A montage of me was played 
(it showed a young me during my early teaching life)
and a video of me teaching was also shown,
 interspersed with songs as below

when the video stopped, they sang, 
then the video showed me and the students simulating a class in session
followed by songs
A novel idea that worked!

Then we had to face the basketball court where these guys came out to perform PSY's Gentleman and Oppa Gangnam Style

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K pop in unision

You can see my ex students behind, with 

Nuraini, the teacher in charge of them.

She had been secretly training them with a 

choreographer for this dance!

The students parted and these ex students, 

led by Yuan Nung

came forward, headed by Nuraini

This is the surprise that Nuraini said she had 

for me! My ex students!

My students said that Yung Nung looked like a 

Korean actor

dashing and goodlooking with a blazer draped 

over his shoulder!
Yeoh Yung Nung came forward to give me 


fantastic bouquet

Beautiful flowers to show love!!!

Kelvin Tay, Yeoh, Dhilip, Chan Ming Ho and Nicky Choo
Thank you for coming
It is a school day, and a working day
but they took time off work and college to come.
Then it was presents time
flowers and chocolates from Upper 6

Pierre Cardin Wallet from English Department
Pn Yusmilla, head of English Unit
Watch from the Staff Club
Jade pendant, photo montage and recipe book from Lower 6
Gold pendant from the adminstrators
HM is going to put on the gold medal for me
the gold pendant was shopped by Pn Sharifah and her gang for me!

Wow! my gold pendant!
Thanks! all who contributed to this! I will love and treasure it
See? beautiful and shining!

Then a hug from the HM

Her hug was warm, tight and genuine....!
I am feeling loved!

My namesake, Loo gives me a hug

The inseparable 2 Loos
Norina from the Social Science Dept

Yusmilla from the English Dept

Nor Alia, the Form 6 coordinator gives me a kiss

She is the one who is entrusted with planning the whole ceremony
and she did a good job!
Thank you, Nor Alia!
A job well done, my husband was very impressed.

Cake cutting ceremony.
My family is with me.
Buat Teristimewa
Pn Loo MK
We Love You
Cake is from the PIBG or PTA

Pn Loo, HM, Cik Nur Ain, me, Pn Nor Alia, Pn Sharifah,(she is very sad to see me leave) Pn Rathi, and Pn Zaton
Specially for Ms Loo MK

More photo moments

Then the headmistress signs the pennant with my name
Mrs Rathi too..
It is my backdrop

My chinese and Indian counterparts clamour for a photo with me
Wu Siew Lee, Vasanthi, Loo Kiok Hwa, Ng Poh Ying, Chong Shook Chean, me and Nuraini
Loo, Ng, and Chong

The pennant is signed
see...! I will be taking it home
It is now presented to me...Happy Retirement
Next, we are to go to the porch for the send off

Before that I have to shake hands and bid farewell to the students and teachers of SMK Seri Permaisuri
Starting with the ex students first
then the farewell bids start, the students form a line
All smiles...I am so happy to retire
No tears, because the ceremony thus far and been beautiful and smooth
teachers are all happy for me too...
My Malay teachers

I look and feel like Kate Middleton (hehe....I know, I know, Kate is svelte and tall, I am anything but)
But I do feel like a celebrity
My five minutes of fame

Now I feel like an artiste

because everyone wants to take photo with me
My lower 6
My upper 6
Upper 6 girls and boys

Lim Hui Ming and Rachael say: this way to the porch, your car is waiting

My send off car!!!
It is all decorated with ribbons, flowers and chocolates
More photos before my send-off

Waiting for the cue to start the car ride
car belongs to Brandon's dad

Thanks Brandon, for driving me and your dad, for the loan of his awesome car
My superbike outrider..hehe...he is the PK KoKu 
A pose first with my send off car

photos with Nicky Choo, Kelvin Tay and Dhilip
my outrider is ready, there are four of them!

finally I get in the car
I am getting a wave off..
And I am really off!

Brandon is my patient driver!!!
But I have to come back to school again after the joyride because it still school day, I am officially off on November 15, 2013

More photos......

Thank you Brandon,
 for the loan of your father's car
 and for driving me

Whee!!! Thanks for a successful send off!!!

so happy!
can you see my two outriders???

people cry during their retirement, I was too happy to shed any tear
Back in the staff room, my form 6 teachers take pictures with me and the bouquets, Thanks, Pn Saadiah, Pn Sharifah, and Pn Nor Alia, I have shared many happy moments with you in the Form 6 room.
My retirement ceremony is listed on the School Calendar/Schedule on the official school page in the FROG website.

Thank you everyone, for working so hard to make my retirement ceremony a great success.
I enjoyed it very much!

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