Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Retirement photos by Teo

Teo and a few non-Malay teachers represented the headmistress at the girl-in-suitcase's funeral so they missed part of my retirement ceremony.  When they came back these saw my send-off car and excitedly posed with it!

Vasanthi, Teo, Jordhana and Ng!
 I am overwhelmed by all the attention, and the huge bouquets of flowers from Form 6 and ex students
 Honest to goodness outrider all geared up!
Jacket, boots, leather kid gloves, full face helmet, the works!
 ready to get into my car

 sun roof up, out popped I!!!!
 En Mohd Yazid and En Badrolhisham in full regalia
They will protect me!

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