Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Jakarta Buys

Had not wanted to buy anything from Jakarta
but in the end bought these....

 Bandeaus for 35000 rupiahs each
(RM 9.80)
 dress for Rp 110.000
leather wedges  from Playboy for R299.000 each pair
(RM 84.00)
pink polo Rp 219.00 (RM 61.30)
off white and light brown men's polo for Rp235.000 each  (RM65.80 each)
 liked the sequinned polo insignia
 fridge magnet for Rp35.000 (Rm 9.80)
 Christmas dance party  sequinned and tasselled bolero with miniscule shorts for Rp 185.00 (RM51)

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