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SuperMokh The Musical

On Nov 13, 2013 we went to catch SuperMokh the musical at Istana Budaya because we had 3 free tickets worth RM46 each, courtesy of NST and Berita Harian.

 At the higher level, where our seats are
 at the foyer, busy taking photos when others are queueing to go in, LOL
 hahaha...more photos...
 now, we're in!
 our seats! quite good seats, in the middle and at the front...except that, since they are complimentary tix, we are so high up, the actors will look like ants!!!
 see? how high up and far away we are? 
 Fret not, we paid a bomb for Mama Mia the Musical here too, and we could not see a thing either.......
so since, this show is free, we do not mind!

 This is his first time here, me, I have watched, Fame, Chang and Eng, Mama Mia, and most recently, Video Games Movie 
 Her third time here, she was a tiny tot when I brought her here to watch Abba (Mama Mia)
 Show is supposed to start at 8.30, but the Sultan of Selangor has not arrived yet

 we had to stand for the arrival of his Majesty
 He is seated somewhere here
 his car and entourage
 with the Selangor flag

National hero: Sultan Sharafuddin and Khairy looking at a

 photo gallery of the late Mokhtar Dahari in his glory days as

 Khalid (right) looks on.

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picture taken from the net

more pictures taken from here:

(From left) Hans Isaac and Harith Iskander. Super Mokh The Musical will be staged at Istana Budaya in  Kuala Lumpur
 Bringing a football game on stage was one of the challenging aspects of the production
The musical unfolds the late Mokhtar's life's events, with energetic performances

from the STAR:

A MUSICAL depicting the life of the late Malaysian football icon, Mokhtar Dahari, has sparked to life in SuperMokh The Musical.
Directed by Hans Isaac and Harith Iskander, the musical portrays the legend’s life on and off the field, and the challenges faced along the way.
During a recent interview with StarMetro, Harith explained that the idea for the musical was mooted by Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.
He said he and Hans faced with many challenges in producing the musical.
“Each show has its own challenges,” said Hans, adding that it was tough to show a football game, Stadium Merdeka and houses from that era on stage.
“We tried to keep the storyline as accurate as possible,” said Harith, adding that only two fictional characters were added to the story.
“Apart from that, the chronology of the events is fairly accurate.”
Preparations for the musical include meeting his wife, children, siblings as well as former coach and team-mates.
He said to understand the legend, they watched the documentary by National Geographic on Mokhtar and read books about him.
Harith said he believes that the crux of a good musical lies in the drama portrayed.
“Mokhtar was a fairly quiet person,” said Harith.
“As such, the dialogues were dramatised but not overly, especially during his illness.
Hans said they chose to depict the story in the form of a musical as music added depth to a story.
Other challenges faced include raising funds for the show.
“Support from the public really helps our production,” said Hans, adding that they were lucky to have found sponsors to support them.
“We want to to produce a show of this level again,” he said.
Hans said the cost of production was just under RM3mil.
He said when it came to naming the lead actor, Awie’s name was the first choice.
“We enjoy working with him,” said Harith.
“Awie is cooperative and this makes our work easier,” said Harith, adding that Awie was a committed actor.
Choosing the supporting cast proved to be challenging, he said, as they wanted the actors to resemble the characters.
They said a problem faced was that not many could both sing and act.
“The musical is not really a football story,” he said, adding that it encompassed Mokhtar’s life on the whole.
The production has several elements, such as comedy and even a live band playing to add to its appeal.
“Hopefully our audience will be entertained,” said Hans.
The producers said they admired Mokhtar
“We want to recognise what he did for the country,” said Hans.
Tickets for Super Mokh Sebuah Musical playing at Istana Budaya are priced at RM46, RM96, RM106, RM126, RM166, RM206, RM236 and RM306 for night shows.
Tickets for the matinee (Nov 16 and 17) are priced at RM38, RM78, RM96, RM102, RM134, RM166, RM190 and RM246.

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