Monday, July 20, 2015

17 Birthday Dinner at Village Steamboat/BBQ/Grill

This is the birthday girl .....she found a "17" tshirt to wear for her seventeenth birthday dinner!!!

It was a subscription gift from Seventeen Magazine from the time that I loved to subscribe to magazines!!!
It suits her to a T! because she is skinny and the Tshirt is teeny! that's my dog Cocoa.....

 we cruised around Bandar Puteri to look for a nice eatery and found this place...Village BBQ Steamboat! 
 well, we were very early and the place was not crowded yet, but there were so many tables all laid out outside!!! No wonder, the inside is only for the buffet food selection!
 Grill that you have to share with the next table!!
This is how you grill your food...including sea food!
J in action!!
Me and J In action!!! (nah, we were only posing for the camera!!) Note the hand of the girl in the next table,,,,we had to share the grill with them!

 This is the steamboat and silver foil grill
you can also sit upstairs...but you have a long way to go to get your food!

 The buffet spread is inside the room, although it is air conditioned, it was swarming with flies!!
 The seafood and shellfish section
 bivalves and clams

colourful snails, I took one
elephant snails
Gigantic shellfish


local lala

 the vegetables and fishball section

 cakes of noodle, maggie mee and green noodle
 the marinated meat section
mutton, beef and chicken

wow!!! prawns, otak otak and every meat that you want!
and all the fish, sotong, meatballs, fishballs, tofu and crabsticks!!!

 drinks station: chinese tea, fizzy drinks, herbal tea, green or cold!

 fried rice, chicken, and  cooked shellfish!

tempura vegetables

 wasted food of 100g each will be fined RM10!!

 then a bowl of fresh prawns was replenished!!
hahaha!! papa took so many prawns!!!
 This is what I took!!
 close up!
 what papa took: crabs, scallops, prawns and fish!
 I am going to dunk my shellfish in the tom yam soup

 see, my shellfish that I took one of each to try and to take home the shell afterwards!

 My favourite is of course the cockles,,,,,the rest were chewy and I spit them out after chewing hehe

she takes only fish balls, prawns, mushrooms, and fish noodle

 Pot of burning charcoal for the grills

 then we had ice cream and even conetto

 papa keep on taking prawns and scallops!!!

so full and so late already!!! hahahehe

 this is our bill......RM41 each 

Inclusive of service charge and GST!

 Verdict....Good! Satisfying!!!! Highly Reccommended!!!

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