Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Video:Catching Live Prawns in Aquariums (Sang Har)

As I was leaving the buffet room, I saw this group of people gathered round doing something!
What are they doing???

I had to go closer to get a look!!!

 Wow!! They were catching prawns!!! Live prawns!!!

 Using pincers and two cups!
 Look at them using the pincers to catch the poor prawns!
 some even used their bare hands!
 Dunk their hand in and catch the critters!!! Look! they have hung the pincers on the edge of the aquarium!

wahhh!!! very determined hor?
 They are actually quite disciplined...they do not jostle, just use their own space to catch...

 hahaha!! all gone!
 Not one left!
 The empty aquarium!
 They have to use 2 cups, one to put the prawns, the other to cover it and prevent it from jumping out.  Aren't they cruel? Now they are going to dunk the live prawns in the hot steamboat or put it on the fire to burn alive!!!

They call it "sang har" and it is very expensive because they are sold by weight... and very fresh...because still alive mah...
Just read this:

THE sang har mee, or freshwater prawn noodles, is not a dish for the weak at heart, because the prawns are alive and killed just before cooking!!!

The sang har mee is priced at RM60 (small) and RM90 (large), while the har lok mee is priced at RM70 (small) and RM100 (large).

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