Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kechara Oasis for Reunion Lunch

On 16 July 2015, a day before Hari Raya, and a school holiday (hols start today...16 to 21 July 2015, well Malaysia is well known for its holidays, and this break is for Hari Raya)

 Since it is also chor yat or first day of lunar calendar, Chen was vegetarian, so we decided to meet at Kechara Oasis at Viva Home, which is a vegetarian restaurant.
 I had a shot of spirulina drink, at RM3.00 a shot because I had just recovered from was bitter and I sipped honey after every mouthful

 our first dish...RM58
Mandala of 5 Prosperity RM58.00

Vietnamese Claypot (White rice) RM9.80
for all of us to share

Mushroom KaiLan RM RM16.80 (pricey!!!)
and I realise that out Wild Crafted Bitter Gourd did not arrive but we were charged for it according to the bill.....
 Yam basket with Kong Poh RM28.80
 dish of the day (set lunch) at RM9.90..curry mee
Thursday Curry Noodle
with Lemongrass drink (not pictured) with the jug of honey that I guzzled
with my spirulina 
other drinks: Pier Tea for 7 RM14.00

 Our group..Lydia, Esther, me (sitting) standing: Julia, Chen, Eliza (due to retire on 27 July) and Angie 

This is our CPR group and we have not met for more then 10 years!!!
this is the address and phone in case you would like to patronise this place
 this is the breakdown of our order
 our total bill of what should be RM150 but with an added RM24 or so of GST and service charge
Happy eating!!
We paid about RM25 each.

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