Saturday, July 18, 2015

Surprise Birthday Party for J

It was J's birthday...her 17th....and a week before that she said to me
"mum, my birthday falls on the school holidays for Raya...can you bring me out for lunch?"

I said ok, as she looked quite sad that we had not planned a party for her, she had not planned anything for herself too, and all her friends would have balik kampung for the Raya holidays....

Unknown to her, her bff phoned me right after that and sworn me and Emel to secrecy that she and her friends would be throwing her a surprise party.....
So, here she is now, at the apartment, she had asked me to take her to the nearest mall, which was IOI Mall, but I made a lame excuse that I had to pick up something at the apartment....
 She walked there and looked at me quizzically, taking so many pics of her walking?
 I almost goofed!!!! I had forgotten to bring up my keys!!! I rang emel and  Jace frantically and they said "YOU OPEN THE DOOR....THEN WE JUMP ON HER AND SAY "SURPRISE! SURPRISE!!"
 We reached our gate...there was DEAD SILENCE!!!!

 I fumbled!!! I phoned again!!! "MOM!!! what are you doing!!!" Gosh she is starting to get an inkling and knew that we were on to something!!!
everyhing was so still!!! Then Emel opened the door....
 Surprise! Surprise! Her friends shouted!!! It was almost a letdown!! phew!!!

 they had switched off the lights and were wearing glow sticks and put on thicker curtains to create darkness!!
 all her usual best friends were there!!!
 the floor was littered with balloons that they had spent the whole morning blowing up and tying
 every balloon had a glow stick and a message inside that Jace collected from all her friends 

 and they bought her a teeny cute cake!

The number is 6 because that was the most beautiful number??? hahaha!!!

 we took photos of the cake in the darkness!

 now is the time for her to pop the balloons and read all her messages

she had a hard time pricking all the balloons many!!
 and Jace had spent the entire night before collecting and typing all the messages till the wee hours of the morning!

 we were famished and Emel had whipped up some simple grub!

 Jace, the planner
 J the bday girl
 the brains....
 the dancer
 and cutest friend
 bff for ever

 Joyce, the pianist and musician

and Al...who is never shy of hanging out with the girls....

 emel, partner in crime

 she is so lucky to have such chummy friends

 Me at 59 and she at 17......
yes, I had her at 42!!

Now they are going to the nearest mall, Aeon for ice cream and the arcade to hang out for a while....


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