Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vinh Hung Emerald Resort Hotel Street Food Tasting

At the Emerald Resort, Vinh Hung Hotel, there was street food tasting from 4.15 to 5.15 barring any rain,

And it was on daily, FREE!!!
 Come with me, I will show you the venue of the free street food tasting!!!
 There! By the sea, on the lawn, hotel guests are already at it in full swing!!! Free street food sampling!
 whites and asians are all mingling, walking around tasting what the hawkers have in store!

 so nice!!! you just sit at one of those low stools with a table and pick any of the sweets you want and taste them under the coconut trees!!! can take any amount of tea time treats that you want
 the hawkers will cook them on the spot for you!

 this is our group...always game to try anything, and everything!!!

 I of course, like to pose!!!

 Now he will show you where the Vietnamese tea is kept!!!
 Ta daa!!! Inside the coconut husk!!!!

 you can also have rice wine....

 here ! in a big jug

 he is grimacing while scooping the wine!

Cheong is helping himself to the sweet meats
 you can also sit by the sea

 these white ladies are having a good time taking photos and eating!

 this picture has me inside.....

 Come!!! Have a tiny cup of Vietnamese tea, followed by rice wine!!! Tea time is going to be over soon!!!!

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