Thursday, July 9, 2015

Flirting with Dengue

Our gardens unwittingly become breeding grounds unbeknown to us.... 

 I found myself in the emergency holding room...
 like this, waiting for my proper room

 at last I got a four bedded room...have to share room with others who treat this as a party or family affair to say the least, bringing babies to babysit and hubbies to conduct phone business right next to my curtain partition
 my daughter comforts'll be ok mum! she says
 next morning....I wanted to cry!!!!


 no appetitie yet had cravings!!!...this is greasy kway teow
 nothing to do but wait for visitors and food
 lunch from Cafe Columbia

 In between meals I ordered Mee Mamak!

 because I had enough dory fish to lash me a lifetime!!
 they had lovely hawker food
 and brought kong fu chow for me to taste
 my breakfast: spicy mee hailam

 lunch...dory again!

 then I moved to a double room
 My roommate was really, really, ill, she had dengue too, and look how her platelets drop!!!

 she soon left for a single room

 I was now upgraded to Bengal Breakfast tea
 I bought murtabak for my own buka puasa

Aunte came to visit me....forgot to take photos of my other visitors!

 hahaha!!!! They are waiting for me to pack and they will help me to carry my stuff to the car
 my rotarians always put service above self!!
this is from Viv, my other friend..........
I had spent RM3,000 for a holiday that wasn't......

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