Tuesday, July 14, 2015

River Cruise

After the free food tasting provided by the hotel, we hailed a boat
and took a river cruise......

 It was evening, and the weather had cooled somewhat....and we had free time before dinner

 every moment is a Kodak moment for us....

 and of course, every couple must take a "couple shot"

 hehehe...we have not taken so many "couple shots" in our life!!!!
 wah.....this is the life for Cheong

 he and his wife
 life of the natives as they go about their daily life

what other cruisers are doing!!!

 it is also their means of transport...on way home after a day's work

water taxi...

 the market that we had gone in earlier

another fully packed "water taxi" passed us

 time to get is over

 this is what our boat looked like

 good trip! good cruise!

 boat hull

 yeah!!! good cruise...all of us agreed!

 magnificent view of evening sky from the boat

 back to our hotel where we had the food tasting earlier

 then we took more couple photos!
so romantic right????

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