Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Annual Lunch and Hari Raya Open House at School

These are the door gifts for our school Annual Lunch


 The young trainee helps to set the table


 the newspaper underlay is now replaced with banana leaves

 Sealed (cling wrapped) pot
what is it? about to be revealed

 oooooohh.....the most delicious mutton....cooked by Faizah's husband who is a caterer
 the right mix of spices and smooth creamy gravy
 Look, I took big chunks of bones and meat to chew
melt in the mouth mutton and gravy that's completely infused, no mutton smell!

 colour coordinated family...there's a little one running around somewhere, dressed in a miniature similar dress
 colourful layered cake

 my ex colleague from MBS, now my current colleague
 tarts and cakes and cookies
 my chinese colleagues Chong and Ng

 with Teo and Lim
 Chong's fashion: playsuit rompers with cardigan wrap
 Ng's fashion: bubble dress with white bow

Teo's fashion: smart casual!!!

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