Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yazid's Open House 9 Sept 2012

x, Jalan Tasik Selatan xx, Bandar Tasik Selatan, 57000 K.L.
You went.

 Ya, so I went to my colleaque, Yazid's open house. He had stopped outside
my class while I was teaching, and said, "You must come to my open house!"
 Yazid's house, with the canopy outside.
 open house was in full swing when I arrived.
But, it was still early, none of my other colleagues are there yet.

He made this Mihun Sarawak for me, as his wife is from Sarawak.

The ingredients for Sarawak Mihun
 there is also prawn mee ala Chinese 

Yazid in full concentration getting together the perfect bowl of Mihun Sarawak for me.

 there, my mihun is ready

 other goodies like rendang, etc for mixed rice

 I had this.. looks like sea cucumber; tastes like sea cucumber, BUT IT WAS NOT
sea cucumber!!!! but skin of the cow!!!  I had a bowl and enjoyed it
before I asked Yazid's father what it was: he said kulit lembu (ox skin)!!!!! I normally do not take skin (fish skin, chicken skin etc)
This is the first time I  have seen and tasted Sambal Tahun from Java, Indonesia. (JAWA in Malay) After reading the recipe, I found that some of the stuff were not all ox skin, but also tripe (ngau nam) so it was ok, as I love ngau nam...(tripe).
For recipe see below!

 My bag is Coach in plum, from Au Yeong's bag boutique! 
 Yazid and his charming wife who speaks fluent Mandarin!
 this road faces the main road right opposite the TBS
(Transit Bandar Selatan Station)
Most of the neighbours are Chinese, and they drop in 
to the Open House.

Sambal Tahun (Javanese Cooking )

By: Mohd Akhyar aka Hanz 

Cili padi > Chilli padi
Santan > Coconut
Lengkuas > Galangal
 Halia > Ginger 
 Bawang Putih > Garlic
 Bawang Merah > Red Onion
 Perut Lembu (Babat)> Stomach Cow (tripe) 
  Kulit Lembu (Kikil) Leather Ox (Kikil) OX SKIN!!!!
  Kerang // Shellfish (Cockles)
 Gula > Sugar
 Garam > Salt
Penambah Perisa (Ajinomoto) > Flavour Enhancer (Ajinomoto)

Step 1
Babat atau kerang hendaklah direbus dahulu.
Tripe or shellfish should be boiled first.

Hiris bawang merah & bawang putih.
Sliced ​​red onion & garlic. 

Cili padi jangan dihiris, biarkan bulat2.
Do not sliced ​​chillies, leave it whole

Lengkuas dan halia dihiris kecik2.
Thinly sliced ​​galangal and ginger.

Babat / Kikil bolehlah dihiris sederhana besar sbb kalau kecik2 nanti 
Tripe / medium sized sliced ​​Kikil may shrink  later 

bila dimasak & dipanaskan berulang-kali akan mudah hancur.
when cooked & heated repeatedly be easily destroyed.

Pada kebiasaan babat / kikil / kerang dijadikan lauk utama masakan ini.
 In common tripe / kikil / shellfish dish will be the main dish.

Step 2
Panaskan minyak bagi tujuan menumis bawang putih & bawang merah.( Heat oil and saute onions for white & red onion. )
Tumiskan bawang putih & bawang merah sehingga layu.(Add garlic & onion until wilted. )

Setelah layu, masukkan air. (Once wilted, add water.)
Masukkan hirisan lengkuas & halia.( Enter galangal & ginger slices.) Biarkan sehingga masak.( Leave it to a boil.)
Seterusnya masukkan cili padi yang telah dibersihkan tadi. (Next enter chillies were cleared earlier.)

Step 3
Setelah rebusan tadi mendidih dan lengkuas tadi sudah agak empuk, bolehlah( After the last boiling broth and ginger was really quite easy to defeat, may add the tripe, skin and cockles)
 Dan tambahkan air serta tunggu mendidih sekali lagi.( And add boiling water and wait again.)

Jangan lupa masukkan gula, garam dan penambah perisa. (Do not forget to add the sugar, salt and flavor enhancer.) Tujuan memasukkan pada langkah (The inclusion in the measure )
ini supaya rasanya resap kedalam babat / kikil / kerang yang dimasukkan. (so it's like diffuse into the tripe / kikil / shellfish entered.)

Step 4
Setelah mendidih, masukkan santan.( Lastly, add the coconut milk.) Dan masak sehingga pecah minyak. (And cook until oil breaks.)

Happy trying!  Enjoy your Sambal Tahun, and please note, English Translation is from GOOGLE!!!!


Nora said...

Lol....the google translation is so literal that I had a good could have translated better MK.

Nora said...

Lol. The direct translation by google made me laugh.......

MK Loo said...

Nora.....was quite fun reading the translation,just had to acknowledge that it was from Google, otherwise pple think it's from me!!

In fact I changed only two: the one refering to the skin as OX LEATHER and another..."hancur" I think, translated as "melt"!!