Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pn Aslinin's Open House

 I have one more Open House story that I had not put up yet....Aslinin's open house...

 Her house is at Puncak Jalil, so she is practically next door to me...
looks big and comfortable...with nice balconies that I like
 forgot the name of foods that I like to try
 she had some food peculiar to her kampung that I did not have time to ask her about as she was busy with her guests
 so I took the familiar asam laksa, roti jala with chicken curry (had raisins and cashew nuts in it!)
 Aslinin, busy with the food and drinks
nice setting for outdoor eating...the front porch
 my dessert, rojak buah with preserves
 her cute daughter loves the red dots on the cake
 she dug them all out one by one and ate them!
got one!!!
 the youngest of her 4 daughters..she loved to hang out with me..
 Ming Ho had to take the LRT from Cheras, then a taxi to come to Puncak Jalil
more guests kept streaming in....
Nice open house..!

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