Saturday, September 8, 2012

Malay House for Hari Raya

Do you like this Malay village house?

 completely liveable, has a little garden, with carved wooden awnings, doors with slats for natural ventilation,
wooden steps, potted plants, full lighting and working fans
 railway sleepers lead to the steps of the kampung house
has fish traps raya oil lamps,baskets  and birdcage
but wait, what is that contraption behind the house?

 It is not in a real village house but a replica of a house, and it got transplanted plank by plank here
see the inside of the shopping complex?
Lots of shoppers and tourists took photos, but alas, they were not allowed in! This house is the decor at the central atrium of Suria KLCC for Hari Raya.  It has been dismantled and removed.

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