Monday, September 10, 2012

Hari Raya Open House and End of Year Lunch

Instead having annual Lunch at a hotel, the KKGS decided to have it at the school hall together with the Hari Raya Lunch

The back drop

I am posing and pretending to help Haslina arrange the cookies!
They are really preparing the cakes and cookies, i was going around taking photos.

everyone helping themselves to the buffet spread, prepared by the teachers themselves!

Alia told me I must try the mutton cooked by Faizah's husband who does catering for Putrajaya:
I will show you the photos in another post.

 Asri got the coffee maker I and Chieng were eyeing!
 VVIP table
 Young teacher and her mini-me
 eh? who stole the cookies?
 all these photos are by the school official photgrapher, Nasrul...

 Headmistress posing with the KKGS (Staff Action Committee who organised everything)
 Farah;s cutie! again!, this time with her father, not Farah, her mum!

most confident and "at-home" baby I have ever seen!

see, how she oozes confidence? Meet Mozita Azura's newest addition

 Farah's cutie with Farah!

 kara o kay ing

 Abu or Ash, the model like teacher
 Permanent Teacher and substitute teachers

 Temporary teachers or Temps

 Trainee Teachers

Next...I will out up my own pictures, the above are to store my pictures online....and free up my laptop space!

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