Sunday, September 2, 2012

Skin Food at KLCC

Have you heard of Skin Food? The cosmetics?
I haven't!  Well, this magazine (I do not know which magazine...I buy so many a month!)
had a coupon for free samples and I cut two. Sometimes I forget to redeem them.
sometimes they are out of stock because freebies go very fast!
But today, I got all these from the Skin Food kiosk!

 Normally I get only a sachet as sample and I toss 
them into my drawer, fogetting to try them out!
There were five freebies in one paperbag...
Let's see..Citron Scalp care shampoo from orange,yummy,
Seaweed Mask, hmmm yummy
  Royal Honey emulsion and toner
yummy, good enough to eat
 Fresh apple pore gift set
 Grape seed oil body shower gel,
black sugar mask wash off
 Gold Kiwi hydrating mask...yummy, yummy, after masking, can I eat it?
Skin Food since 1957, but I've just known of it
 the skin food kiosk at KLCC
 she loved the lip balm, but she already has Lancome Juicy Tubes,
Clinique Chubby Stick, Dior Addict Lip Gloss, and Essie Gloss E
Lancome, Clinique, Christian Dior Addict, Essie
Do visit Skin Food!

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