Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Art of Gifting

When I went back to my place after classes,
I saw this package on my desk....

On opening there was a box of cookies inside: it is still Hari Raya time

 The message card says: to L.M.K, from Pn Zamdah
 Thanks for everything.....

 A lovely box of assorted cookies, some home-made, 
some store-bought;  for me to savour, cookie by cookie....

Out  of the nearly 10 office staff that I had given Hari Raya gifts to, she is the only one
who reciprocated with this gesture. When I gave the presents of dates and Tupperware (I am continuing Pn Lim, my ex colleaque's tradition;she used to collect money from us to share gifts of Tupperware for the office staff during Hari Raya), to them, I tried to make sure that each present suited each individual. 

Do you know what the reaction of the staffers were?
 You would not believe it, some of them complained!
 "Kenapa saya punya kecil, dia punya besar?" 
(Why is mine smaller, why is hers so big)
 "Kenapa saya dapat tumbler, mereka dapat mangkuk"
 (why did I get a tumbler, while they got bowls?)
 and when I asked whether I had missed out anyone,
 one said "Anak saya tak dapat"
 (my daughter did not get one) 
"Suami saya tak dapat" 
(My husband did not get)!!!!!

Only a few of them thanked me, and only Pn Zamdah  immediately texted me to thank me personally:

Translation:   "Thank you, Madam Loo for the present. The Tupperware is lovely!"

Not only did she thank me, she accepted whatever Tupperware that I gave, and said it was nice.
And she was the only one who gave me back a PRESENT!!!!

She was also the one who readily helped me  fill up all my forms to be submitted for retirement,
calculated my "No MC and No Leave Taken : Golden handshake" formula;
 let me use her printer, and checked all my data for me.

By the way, my tupperware were of different sizes because they were the unused, new ones from my own collection.......

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