Friday, November 9, 2012

Haatyai Street Vendors

This hardworking cowboy is always around our bus
and outside the hotel peddling his toys.

I like to look at thim because of his cool get-up
 He is always dressed in his full cowboy regalia:
cowboy hide hat, pistol in a holster belt, studded hipster belt, leather cowboy boots
bolero, long hair, and I do not dare  take his full frontal face with his enviable moustache!!!!!
He carries a full load of angry birds in all colours,
besides cockerels and assorted birds.
 All of us are impatiently waiting for the bus, but this boy is sitting
on the sidewalk totally engrossed!
 His dad has bought him some bobbing head kitty

 His dad shows him how it works:
the most simple technology: a detached head which bobs when you move it!!!
 He has two nowadays should go back to basics!
and parents nowadays should support peddlers like him,
instead of the ipad, iphone, ipod guy.

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