Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch at Ipoh

On our way back from Haatyai
we stopped at Ipoh for lunch.

Limestone outcrop
our bus parked at a scenic spot.
 Soon Ann biscuits and confectionery
 you can get all your Ipoh biscuits here

Biscuits galore
Kueh for sale too

special fishballs
everything was very "laku"


steamed kueh

 after shopping, we walked over to Kok Thai Restaurant
 Huge standalone building

 My group
The Happy Haatyai aunties
tauhu with mushrooms
khow yuk (stewed layered pork with yam)
 prawns in mayonnaise and fruits
what I took
we paid only RM20 each for this lunch
 Lemon chicken
 cripsy fish
She tried to tackle the fish head...but gave up 
 Kam Moi (Golden Girl) took over
She also could not tackle it!
Poor fish!

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