Monday, November 5, 2012

Haatyai Chicken Rice Lunch

I still have a lot of Haatyai photos and stories that I need
to post and blog....and I have too many new events coming 
up that need to be posted too!!! I am so lagging behind!!!

 This is the first day, after we have slept and traveled the whole night in the bus.
We are famished and ready for a proper meal of chicken rice.
 This is the outside of the shop. It is very early and we are
the first few customers.
 Local girls getting the food ready.
 They are very efficient in crowd control and managing the queue
 This man only chops the chicken and meat
 The others take the orders and prepares the cuts for him
 He concentrates on slicing up the parts, quite unfazed with our crazy orders
 We ordered white chicken, roast pork and char siew
 wall advertisement of dishes available
more aunties are alighting from the bus
no jostling,  no shoving, they all queue up

Eh? Why Loo's plate looks more delicious than mine? Why she has more chicken than me???
Verdict? Too bland and not savoury enough for me!!!
Drumstick got not enough meat!!!

 Me and Evonne showing you our plate...60 bahts
Kam Moi, her niece and our friend
 Evonne, Ho and Kam Moi and friends of our group...
Happy eating!!! We are so going to enjoy our trip!!!
Eat! Eat! Shop! Shop!!!!!

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