Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hatyai Trip, O.H.Hotel, Metro Food Court, Ipoh.

Our bus set of for Hatyai at 9 in the evening and about midnight,
the bus made a stop at Ipoh for a midnight snack.

Pusat Makanan Metro Ipoh
This city never sleeps
My snack: bbq prawns and baby squid!!
Hardly the thing for my stomach to take at midnight!
We were made to come down from the bus again at the 
Malaysian border
After clearing the Malaysian customs, you can have an early morning snack again.
However, it was so early that no stalls were open!
so we got on the bus
I have forgotten the name of this border town
Now, we have to "de-bus" (get down from the bus) to queue up at the Thai immigration
I call this the hardship tour, as we had to go up and come down the bus many times.
while queueing, I was very intriqued by the sign exhorting you not to bring any alien into their country!!!

nor should you assist the said "alien" in any manner!!!!
Good security at the checkpoint.
The Thai bus station.
Getting back onto the bus again, mind you some of 
the aunties are in their 70s and 80s...but they do not complain
Funny speckled corn that tasted tasteless!!!

looks unappetising, right?
We are now officially in Thailand: 7.53 am, Saturday, 13 October 2012!!!! Ha ha !!
Hatyai town.
No trafffic!!
Busier part of town
Cowboy clad street vendor selling "Angry Birds"
Barber shop at the hotel
Our hotel
O.H. Hotel
Fuss free facade
Easy parking for the bus outside the hotel
Waiting for our keys to be sorted out
So I wandered out for quite a bit
How the street looked like outside the hotel
Royal Pair in portraits at the lobby
Thais revere and respect their monarchs a lot
Chicken rice shop opposite
Where we are to have our lunch
Back to the hotel

Cool elephant stools
Even cooler keys
Tut tuts outside ready for you..
Decent rooms

View from our room
Tut tut time!!!

I took these from my tuttut
Walking around, I found lots of street food: Chestnuts
Pork, vegs and hardboiled eggs in black sauce

I had wantan mee
My friend had fish ball mee
Then we went for our Thai massage
Before that we had our "tong sui"
Very yummy afternoon treat from this humble stall
Tour guide and husband enjoying the tong sui
the smoothest and delicious glutinous flour balls with nutty filling
in sweet ginger soup with gingko nuts and dried longans
we finished ( to the last drop)
This stall is right outside the massage parlour
After massage...dinnner!!!
chicken feet without the bones!
After dinner.....we walked about
If not for our dinner we would have these giant prawns
I'm gonna eat you my next trip!!

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