Monday, December 2, 2013

Ching's Wedding

1 December 2013
Accompanied him to his doctor classmate's daughter's wedding tonight at Eastin Hotel.

Father of the bride in the centre with Dr Amir, all three are classmates in medical school

catching up after nearly 20 years

this is a picture of the bride at 7 months,
my daughter is 10 months
She is the bright eyed one with the inquisitive look

 we were in contact and visited each other and compared babies..Ching was cute and slim
 her mum asked me what I fed my daughter who looked chubby and bouncy..but look at Ching now...
radiant and voluptuous and such a beautiful bride!
 Look at how she looks at me? Who on earth is this grinning lady? she is not my mum!

Her mum and me now
Ching and me then
Dr Ching and me now!

 In our care then..

 In his care now!

 cocktail reception was at 6
 waiting to enter the banquet hall while letting the boys catch up on old times

tastefully decorated arch to the ballroom

quiet moment before making the grand entrance
 Ching is getting ready

 right on cue
happy couple

Devotion Hot and Cold Combinations

 Braised 8 Treasure Shark Fin soup with fish lips
Steamed Pomfret with light soya sauce and garlic oil

 Poached Tiger Prawns with wolfberry and Fresh Ginseng
 Two Varieties of Chicken and Roasted Duck
 Braised Flower Mushroom and Abalone Limpet with Treasure Bag
 Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf

 Deep Fried Sesame Seed Ball
 Sweetned winter melon with lily bulbs,snow fungus and Lotus Seeds

 Cake Cutting

 our table group shot

 managed to take a photo with Dr Ching and Danny
 majestic ice scupture, the de rigeur at most weddings

 Eastin Hotel's flower stand decoration with candles
 marching in ceremony of the waiters with the first dish..never fails to amaze me!!!

 you, don't forget to help me prolong the yam seng chant....!!!

 Dr Ching changed into a dazzling red gown

after dinner, enjoy the chocolates with a centre that melts in your mouth!

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