Monday, February 23, 2015

Delightful afternoon tea

On 16 February we had company over for the most delightful afternoon tea.

 It was a bit impromptu so I hopped over to Donutes
 to get all my pastries and buns and cakes

  1. Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking

  2. Address: No. 8, Jalan Kenari 6
  3.  Bandar Puchong Jaya,
  4.  47100 Puchong, Selangor

 Reen likes my serviette and asked Jenn to take a photo of it but it was motif....
 Here we are....Chen, Tan, me, Tun, Reen and Tay, Jen will join us when she has finished taking the mandatory she is not in any of the photos.
 S Chen says she has not seen or drunk Kickapoo for a long time!!
and ya, we only buy Kickapoo Joy Juice for CNY!
 I love this pose, don't you think? we look resplendent and well posed hahahah! with the two guests of honour in the centre to boot.
 hehe, makan time started, we had nyonya kueh from Malacca brought by my sis, lemang from Emel's party, chicken curry from my sau gong party, sandwich, nutty bun, macarons, and chocolate, cheese cake from Donutes.

 then, we had to go to the garden to admire DIY man's handiwork, 
 first, we were in awe of his gold re painted garden table and chairs
a combo before and after pic of the painted and non painted chairs...what a difference it makes, don't you think?
 S Chen says, that the masterpiece to her, is the pond with the koi fishes
 Reen was wondering where we planted our chili padi so we took her to our back lane!!
 wow!!! the back lane has rows of potted herbs like lemongrass, pandan leaves, mint, vegetables like tomatoes, lime and chili padi of course.
 Tun found some huge limes behind and ask me to take a shot. loving! the newly weds (actually, they just celebrated first anniversary!)
 It's a whopper!
 So weird, the children and other residents (er, me lor) do not appreciate what DIY man has planted but  Reen does. she is so happy with limau kasturi and limau nipis. 
 then she went to the front to pluck some more limes, and Coco is looking for attention.
 now it is time to admire the orchids
 miraculously, they started blooming all at the same time and he has arranged them all together for an effective look!

 Reen poses with some of the gigantic blooms

so beautiful!!!! and so many varieties!!! Normally, I don't notice, but since they bloomed all at once, I also started to admire them!! hehe!
So, our afternoon  was lovely! Thanks to S Chen, Tan, Reen and Tun for making time from their busy schedule to come over for a spot of tea!

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