Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snippets of CNY 2015

As always on the first day of CNY we go visiting,,,but this year we only go to 5th Aunt's house

red cheongsam matches red car!
chuin kar fook picture with 5th Aunt
 chiu kar fook picture at the old house
our customary longan breakfast drink
my cny cookies and my hamper for Aunt Betty
my cny decor
and my goat figurines from Petaling Street that is at least two cycles old
How many cycles of goat year do I have left? Oh dear!!!!!
visiting 5th Aunt
Me and Jamie, who has decorated the house tastefully
Me and the Aunties!!!!
this poor old dog has lost its companion,and looks lost and forlorn
it just stares,,,,and stares and stares
and observes
and is missing its old friend , very very much....
as usual we go to the temple
sue loves to take pics with this stone lion
Every year I grow older
But the lion, it remains ageless etched in stone forever!

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