Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pre CNY Party

This teacher of mine has not done any parties
so this is the first time for her.

It was a success!
We all loved the ang pow fans that Irene Yong made
 This is my teacher...
tall, slim and lovely, she is a champion dancer competing lately in US

My two other dance instructresses!

This group  are all her students and we are going to perform 
"Pull the Trigger"
Teacher and all her students
 our dance in session,
 we made some mistakes out of nerves, but it was all in good fun!!!
 The only dance teacher that invited orphans to her party , fed them and gave them ang pows!

her two sons, daughter and mum

her change of clothes and her friends, all fantastic dancers!
My ootd: Tshirt and white skirt from my daughter!
see the beautiful blooms?
Theme is red because of Chinese New Year
and I want to show off my husband's orchids!!!

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