Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Chanel Handbags are So Expensive?

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Chanel handbags have long been the go-to accessory for stylish women of any age. The iconic fashion house carries a whimsical aura along with some hefty price tags, which seems to be the only reason that can stop us from owning a piece. But that price tag isn't just because it comes with the words 'Chanel' stamped on them; here's what you're really paying for:

4 Simple Reasons Why Chanel Handbags are So Expensive

Yet women all over the world go gaga over them.

1. It can (probably) outlive mankind
With the amount of quality control and durability tests every Chanel bag has to go through before it makes it to the store, it won't be a surprise if it survives a nuclear explosion. Chanel insists on strict inspections to ensure each bag is made from the highest grade of materials that will be able to withstand any damage from heat, water, and even UV rays!

2. It never goes out of style
From Elizabeth Taylor to Miranda Kerr, Chanel handbags have constantly been seen on socialites, A-list celebrities and even royalties. With the brand's sophisticated design and Karl Lagerfeld's eye for fashion, we definitely won't be seeing a Chanel bag in the bargain bin anytime soon.

3. It is an investment
If you've been eyeing on one for the longest time, we'd say "go for it"! The prices for Chanel handbags go higher with each year and reselling them is a breeze as there will always be people who are on the hunt for cheaper secondhand options. Keep the bag in its best condition for a higher offer.

4. It is functional and practical
Did you know Coco Chanel decided to put shoulder chains on the classic Chanel 2.55 bag because she was a smoker and loved putting her hands in her pockets? Well, thanks to her brilliant idea, shoulder bags became popular and we now have free hands to carry our shopping bags!

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