Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grand Kingdom Reunion Dinner by Shereen and her in-laws.

A radiant looking Shereen and her happy, supportive in laws

Together with Tun Suan, they had a successful reunion dinner for relatives in Kuala Lumpur.

 Waiting for guests
so lovely to get together for this reunion of relatives just before CNY
 held at Grand Kingdom, Tropicana City, Damansara
guests starting to arrive
 young couple happy to make it for the joyous occasion
cousins meeting the new cousin in law
 Tun's brother and relatives
 Another table of close ones
 smiling faces, all happy to celebrate together
 Tun's relatives made up a few tables, they all came to share the joy
 so crowded they even had an outside table....Terry and young cousins have a good time
 catching up
 one for the album
 Su Chen meets Irene, Terry and Ivan and Jennifer's children for the first time

 Proud Jennifer and her girls

 Then the yee sang came
 getting ready for the toss

 Huat ah!

 so fun 
 the higher you toss, the better good things will come to you

 Uncle Gan in yellow shirt is all concentration and focus

 meanwhile, outside, the fun was even more boisterous

 my sister and her expanding, happy family

 Jennifer and her loving husband

 Here are the auspicious dishes:
yee sang

 superior double boiled soup
with parcel of abandance
 suckling pig

 steamed garoupa in soy sauce
 scallops with caviar
 bean curd

 with abalones

 array of assorted sausages
dessert to sweeten the palate and end the meal.

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