Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reunion Dinner 2015

This is my reunion steamboat...
we had 2 tables so everything is duplicated...
and this year I am hosting so I bought and prepared everything 
with the help of husband and maid.

Nice or not?
Quite impressive, I should say, 
and there was plenty of leftovers.

 She is making meatballs, in the tradition of her grandfather who always had this yummy meatballs for the steamboat, yummy because it was all meat!
she is rolling the meat, and making it into nice round balls...
(actually she is only posing, when it came to the nitty gritty, Emel did all the work !!! She needed these pics for her Moral Project at school)
 The completed meatballs, ready for deep frying
Deep frying made the meatballs crispy and tastes heavenly when popped onto steamboat soup!

 wah,,,,,my long as we are in Kuala Lumpur we will have this reunion together to share the kids grew up with this, and New Year eve is not the same without this ritual.

 the kids' table, although the "Kids" are not kids anymore!

 Me, at the aunties and uncles table!

 soup stock that took a day to boil
 my antiquated kitchen in my old house 
 bihun and fuchok
 waiting for the soup to boil
 my youngest
 with all her cousins and sibling, they have sat here since time immemorial...and will sit here together for years to come....okay....?

 now I want to show you what I bought for the steamboat..

 marbled pork (korean bbq style) from Puteri Mart
 prawns from Taman Miday market
 oyster mushrooms and golden needle mushrooms
 meatballs earlier made by Emel and daughter
 assorted stuffed fishcake and fuchok

 assorted stuffed fish cake
 chicken breast sliced


 different fish balls and fish udon
and lots of greens
 so yummy, best eaten with family and relatives, a reunion of whoever is in Kuala Lumpur, and by the way, everyone made it!

bubbling and boiling hot! the meat is ready to be served! Everyone takes a dip for the goodies....and we wish everyone goodies for the coming year of the GOAT!!!

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