Thursday, February 5, 2015

HOT NEWS!!!! Ferrari Burns Along Jalan Travers


Ferrari burns to crisp during rush hour

KUALA LUMPUR: A Ferrari spontaneously caught fire in the midst of peak hour traffic here at Jalan Travers yesterday, destroying it completely. - See more at:

Million-ringgit Ferrari destroyed in fire

  A flaming red Ferrari on fire caused a traffic standstill along Jalan Rakyat here.
The rush-hour traffic almost came to a standstill as crowds parked their cars along Jalan Travers to watch firemen put out the blaze yesterday.

 However, the million-ringgit luxury sports car could not be saved.

  Although the car was burned to a crisp, there is no official word yet of any casualties.

Ferrari rentung dalam jalan sesak

  A spokesman from the City Fire and Rescue Department said the firemen were alerted at about 6pm. But, when the team arrived about 15 minutes later, the blaze was at its height.

 According to a Malaysian automotive news portal, most Ferrari fires occurred due to the “glue used to secure the wheel arch lining to the car’s chassis, and this adhesive has a tendency to overheat as it’s close to the exhaust system.
“There is a potential fire risk involving the particular model, identified as the Ferrari 458, if it is driven for a sustained period of time at a high speed.”

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