Monday, April 20, 2015

Corporate Visit

I organised a highly successful "corporate visit" hahaha!!!

 This is our group comprising members of my club and their children.
 This awesome office has among other things a giant "Gelongsor"
 a fully equiped karakoke and theatre room
 state of the art reception
 well stocked meeting rooms (well stocked with junk food hehe)
 and this is  the function room where the CEO himself gave us a talk on what matters to his heart

 this is my cousin without whom the visit would not have been possible because he helped me to cut red tape and block a date which would have the MAN himself giving us  a presentation
 they are always collecting awards and accolades
 their future project in Penang
 called the 12 waves
 the building looks like waves, 12 of them

top 30 green catalysts in Malaysia

 funny office that looked like the inside of a plane

 the address of the place, you can easily go and get a conducted tour for yourself too
 our trip started with breakfast under the trees, we neednt have bothered because breakfast was provided
 such a good array of food was served. I think Sharon gave me wrong information, she said there was lunch but only tea and coffee at 10 am
 she was wrong, there was no lunch but a heavy breakfast instead

 waiting for the tour to start

 president me, my son, his friend, members and staff of PKT

 Of course he started with THE STORY 

 And ended with the acheivement of his dream
 President presented banerette and booklets
 boy is fascinated with the well equipped!!!

 all around instead of landscaping, he had a plantation of pineapples

 office doors that looked like a cabin
 and artefacts that looked like a musuem
 and me looking like a tourist

 well it is a logistics company and this is a warehouse

 look who got lost and separated from our entourage

 we could see him from the cctv room hehaha
 he could not keep us because all adjoining doors were accessed with smart card
 then I saw them taking photos, what had interest ed them?

 wow, our grand welcome banner.....

 such a warm welcome and it made us feel like kings....or queens
 warehouse also kept some super luxury cars

 well our tour had nearly come to an end, and this is the most famous spot for photos,  It will be printed and presented to all of us

outside the window we could the traffic building up
 young boy is intrigued with the sauna room, office even  had sauna room, and jacuzzi and spa and,,,,
 the simulated aeroplane interior

 we lounged and lazed and did not want to get up
 nice lecture rooms with futuristic looking rest areas for undergraduates

 see how one can chill out here?

" we are so enjoy!!!"

 even had simulated windows showing popular destinations
 PE really went on the slide...albeit slowwwwwly.....hehe

 getting a feel of the movie room

 good!!!! thumbs up
 every office needs a gym?

koi pond and zen garden adds to ambience of the place

pineapple juice, naturally!!
 see, our picture is ready!!!

 Dato with his famous selfie!!!

PE says: "good trip!!!"   "Good job Karen!!"

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