Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DAYTRIP : Pulau Sembilan 九屿岛一日游

I had a day trip on Sunday

Sekinchan, Pulau Sembilan Bagan Datoh


 dipping our toes in the sand of the mysterious Nine Island

 to reach the island you have to take a boat ride
group shot befor boarding the boat/ferry

the way to the jetty
seafood restaurant on the mainland

the one with white roof was full, so I ended up in the blue is SO DANGEROUS!!! I have never felt so vulnerable in the open wide sea.
in the bigger cramped right?

 I survived the boat ride after all, and lounged in the sand (on the sand on top of plastic chairs lah)

 so nice to pose here and there...lovely rocks and clear water
 dinner was yam lei sek seafood teamboat dinner

 so much food, can keep taking as much as you like...which is what "yam lei sek" means

 no chalets here, only tents like these for hire

The purpose of coming to Nine Island for us was to see the blue luminous plantkton. The Chinese call it blue tears or 藍眼泪 
can you see the blue dot? it is only one of the many blue plankton

On the way back the boat ride was in pitch darkness, rain fell, sea water splashed on us, boat skimmed on some parts of rough seas, I thought of my husband, my family, my friends hahaha!!!!
It was the longest 45 minutes for me.;postID=1919022826570277470;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=58;src=postname

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