Friday, April 17, 2015

Russian Lunch at Vladimir's Place

Our Lunch Club this month was Russian Lunch!

 Held at Vladimir's Place

 Situated along Jalan Inai off Jalan Imbi
 in an old refurbished bungalow

 nice interior
 split level dining rooms
 this is our place

 beautiful clock was a conversation piece

 Vladimir promises authentic Russian cuisine
 a sample of the menu

 Tatya had gone to great lengths to make pictures to put on the dishes, such piggies, chicken, fish etc because it was not a halal lunch


pork in aspic

 she also brought these russian dolls (forgot the name lah) to decorate the dishes





 She was passionate in describing each dish to us!!

 herbal soup
 beetroot soup with beef

 potato puffs

wow!!! I was so full!!! It was q great lunch!!! You don't get to eat chunks of chicken, or pork or beef or fish per se,  but pieces of meat served among the diced vegetables!!!

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