Wednesday, April 29, 2015


To get to Pulau Sembilan we had to go to Sekinchan and Bagan Datoh first...

what is in Sekinchan?
rows of padi fields!!!
lots of shopping for natural produce
and I bought this...Sekinchan Best Rice, RM29.90
 and yummy keropok (prawn flavour, 4 packets for RM8)
from Sai Kim Enterprise
Sekinchan has beautiful breathtaking scenery
 and a local temple with a wish tree: buy a red string with a coin attached, make a wish and sling it on the tree...wah so many wishes...did any of it come true?
sshhhh....I am wishing.....
Sekinchan has a mini beach which is well visited, and I saw this cool boy making bubbles with this string....
gigantic bubbles that floated and flitted and flew in the fine,  unfettered , feisty sky...
(saja nak ber alliterasi)..(simply want to make alliteration)
 then we had lunch here
yummy delicious lunch! such a heavy lunch!!!
 then we reached the jetty town
and had to walk the gangplank to take our ferry/boat ride..but first...
we had to queue for the toilet to tide over the 45 minutes boat ride!! One petrol station with one toilet cubicle for a bus load of 50.....we waited in the bus, then another bus came and we dashed to join the queue before the new busload came down from the bus...phew!!!! hahahaha!!!!

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