Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just Fancy that 2

After the toughie of a Maths question in the form of Cheryl's birthday last post, which by the way had the answer of July 16, did you get it...
I post here more goofs and gaffs at school in Malaysia.

 The first question is : Explain and give 2 actions one can do for God....answer: pray five times a day,
The second question : List 2 examples of strange and inexplicable things apart from the hereafter.
Answer: MH370 flight has disappeared for exactly a year!!!

The second is apparently in the textbook:
Behind a successful man is usually A WOMAN
So if a man is a failure, behind him there are how many women?
Answer: Too many women!! (pictures shows 4)
Can you solve this?
This appears in the UPSC final exam in December 2013, India.
Only IAS Topper could solve it!!!

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