Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Malaysian Costume Birthday.

Went to a Malaysian costume party 
and I dug up my green see through lace kebaya top 
that was too sheer to wear for my school function

paired it with black bustier (sadly was too fat so opted for a black chemise) and a stripey see through skirt from Nichii!
when I reached, birthday girl busy collecting pressies
but had time to pose for photos with Joy and me

 she spared no expense for her 60th...hawker stalls were set up in her secluded garden....and these are the stalls she had....

 I had this

 and this!!

 and she had a live one man band who crooned oldies
 my yummy seafood curry laksa, and of course I had to add raw see ham on top!!
 party in full swing!

 of course, I headed to her dessert table which always laden and groaning with goodies

the dessert table had two orchids
 where we took lovely photos, especially Joy who is a photo buff
 some of the costumes
she came in a sampin complete with a kris she made herself!
 these photos are from Kim 

 the best dessert was the cake!!!!
it had dancing girls on top!
Happy Birthday!!

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