Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walking the streets of Taipei for supper.

This is our last night in Taipei and we had just finished tea 
at Deja Vu, Jay Chou's Cafe.
After resting at the hotel, we came out for dinner.

 We crossed the road to the lanes between the buildings where there were lots of  stalls

 this road is so different from the RoeHe night market....not so crowded but still bustling
 son said we must try street food, so we walked around looking for suitable food

 lots of food, some weird, some familiar
 this looks like our "lok Lok"
 bit sized sausages
 upside down pic, but it shows food sizzling in a hot pot
 don't know what to eat haha!
 wah!!! got queue!! must be delicious!!!
 must be some omelette, from the "egg" in chinese character
 yes...she is making omelettes
 we say Francis queueing up too!!! He promised he would let us try some!
 as usual, we settled for beef noodles, hehe
 his beef ramen
 my beef kway teow, big mistake, the flour was chewy and thick, nothing like our hor fun in Malayisa

 then we went back to our hotel "JUST SLEEP"
 I want to put this type of cushion seats at my dining table too! and  put mind games on the table for people to play!
A saying by Vincent Van Gogh for you to ponder.....tomorrow we will be leaving Taipei and Taiwan!


Ryan said...

got eat oyster omelette?

MK Loo said...

No, did not find any...only had beef noodle soup...AGAIN!!! hahaha! Uncle must have his last bowl of beef ramen before he goes back to KL