Friday, April 10, 2015

老夫子Old Master Q

This is my awesome traditional chinese medicine shop in my hometown...

I grew up here
My bro and his family still runs the  business

Next to it where my old neighbours used to stay is a book shop
packed to the brim with all sorts of books
My bro in law likes to browse here, it is cool and who knows what treasures you can unearth

Look at the shop!!!
All sorts of stuff occupying even the 5 foot way!!

This girl is homing in on a treasured find...she seems to know what she wants...
what is this girl doing????

she is digging for something!!

she is so happy!
she found it!!


 老夫子Old Master Q comic books!!!
Have you heard of  老夫子?
and so cheap!!!
only RM2 each which is pittance in SGD!!!
even though the storage rack was pushed close to the other rack
she knew how to push it aside to rummage for the Old Master Q books!!

picture from Wikipedia
 my youngest daughter of course has never heard of , or read any of these books and my son said that he used to be entertained and amused by them while he waited for me at the hairdresser's, because there is no need to read the words....just the picture sequences are enough to send him on a chuckle!!

on Wikipedia...

Old Master Q - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ngai Tung Gwa (矮冬瓜), Lau Luk-wah (劉陸華). Old Master Q Strange and Interesting Adventures, 老夫子奇趣錄, 18 November 1978. Colour Old Master Q, 七彩  ...

it has a song..

  1. Master Q Dub - YouTube
    Apr 15, 2007 - Uploaded by Itonai
    Sir Snopeous · 4 years ago. HOORAY LAO FU ZI!!! I knew this old song that went: LAO LAO LAO LAO FU ZI...that was random. Read moreShow  ...

and inspired a movie

老夫子電影(Lao Fu Zi Movie) - YouTube
Nov 19, 2011 - Uploaded by 林上たちあめ

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