Monday, December 21, 2015

10 October 2015 Irene Yong's son wedding

My best, best friend from dancing class, Irene Yong had already booked me long ago for her son's wedding...when I was in Perth, she chided me,,"Loo, aren't you coming home to attend my son's wedding dinner? I won't forgive you if you don't" of course, I had already blocked my calendar for it, but I had forgotten my dance teacher's bday party dance and went on a Perth holiday!!
Btw Irene was the first to visit me when I was hospitalised for dengue, that's how good a friend she is to me.
 Evan and Bell
"boy side"
 Girl side
she has two sons, and both of them are hitched...this is the youngest.
eldest son is a doctor, he brought his mom to visit me in Columbia Asia hospital

I need this for ideas for the future, hehe...
(I got this pic from her, the rest are my own pics)
this is a touching scene and will move you to tears as the respective set of parents get appreciated by their kids....
 my! our dancing group is so big now....Mother of the groom is the one with flowers.
 as usual, we love photos and selfies
 with Irene the mother of the groom

 dinner is served ...Hee Lai Ton

 I took shots of her as she went round serving tea
 nice? she loved this candid shot of her, she looked blissfully happy

 my dance teacher has a stunning figure and endless long legs

we enjoyed ourselves, and glad we were able to share her joy! Congrats!!!

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