Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cho Dong Xuan Market, Last Day of Hanoi Trip

 This is our last day!!! Phew!! we had such a whirlwind of visits, shopping and frenzied eating!

 last sumptuous breakfast at hotel!
 It is a free and easy day with no tour guide, so we walked to 
Cho Dong Xuan market
 I forgot to tell you we also had a "whirlwind of photo taking!" After we had crossed the road (dodging motorbikes and holding hands to dash across) my husband stayed back so he could take a pic of us from across the road.
 At the market, some of the aunties wasted no time in going  upstairs to do their last-minute "panic buying" a term I got from my Filipina Rotary friends while they were in KL!!
 Those of us who were not so panic stricken decided to walk to the lake.
 But enroute, they were also able to shop!!! I posed for the cameraman lor...

Do you like Hanoi roads? We do!!! Because we were oblivious to on lookers but acted like the street belonged to us!!!
 At last, we reached the lake and started posing again!

 couple shots

 single shots

of every single auntie....but I will spare you the rest of the auntie pics hehehe

 group pics

Red bridge...very popular spot so we posed before our spot are usurped

 on cue....
hands like so...
 and so...

 We have reached the puppet theatre, today it is quiet and and not thronged with people
 walking back to the market,......
  Like wholesale, instead of retail...the amount of shoes (and clothes, and foodstuff and....)displayed for sale.

 so,they are happily shopping again!!!!
 Back at hotel,  I had to shower and change, because of the walk to the market, I was drenched!

 Gonna miss our comfortable bus!!! 
we had two seats to ourselves each!!!

 At the airport, 
we needed to have our last fix of Vietnamese food!
 and beef noodles!!!
 He needed only fastfood, tqvm!!! 
and his laptop to transfer all the above photos riding on free wifi
 at this Burger King
Best tour guide ever!!
He has no temper, he's good natured, incredibly patient, and put up with all our whims and fancies!

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